Bill Belichick Showed Today That His Press Conferences Are Still As Great As Ever

Bill Belichick

It is still the preseason in the NFL, but Bill Belichick showed today that he is already in mid-season form when it comes to handling the media.

Belichick, who is the master of providing as little information as possible, was asked about the decision to not play Vince Wilfork during Thursday’s preseason game.

His answers can only be described as Belichickian (via

Reporter:  For those of us who weren’t there last night, can you update us on why Vince Wifork didn’t play?

Belichick:  We just didn’t put him in.  That’s why.

Reporter:  Because?

Belichick:  Because there were other players who played.

For the beat reporters that have to cover the Patriots, this must be incredibly frustrating. But for the rest of us, it is Belichick at his most entertaining.

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