Social shopping site Sneakpeeq takes a break as it pivots into an e-commerce platform

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sneakpeek 520x245 Social shopping site Sneakpeeq takes a break as it pivots into an e commerce platform

Sneakpeeq has informed its customers that it will take a hiatus in order to improve its e-commerce experience by building out larger brand catalogs and achieving faster shipping times. Shoppers will have until August 31 to use up credits, coupons and gift cards.

We’ve reached out to the company for more information on the move, but it appears to be related to the startup’s efforts to pivot and rebrand as Symphony Commerce. A timeline on Symphony’s site reveals that the company began plotting a new course for an e-commerce platform last December and decided to pivot with a new name and company vision in May after receiving feedback from a pilot group of brand partners.

The new Symphony site launched in July. What’s not immediately clear is whether the Sneakpeeq site will survive the break or simply resurrect as the Symphony Commerce platform. Symphony recently raised a $ 4.7 million Series B investment, which comes on top of the $ 10 million that Sneakpeeq had previously raised.

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