House-warming: This startup wants to heat your home with computing power

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Dutch startup Nerdalize is seeking investment for technology that will help heat your home with computer power.

This isn’t a new concept of course. Microsoft has previously published a research paper, in which it argues that servers can be sent to homes
and office buildings and used as a primary heat source – it calls this the ‘Data Furnace’.

For Nerdalize, its ‘server’ will look and operate like a normal electric heater, except that it’s powered by your laptops and desktops. It claims that computing power could be up to 60% cheaper than conventional data-centers, while offering free heating for home owners too.

Nerdalize wants to raise €315,000 for the first year, though it already has one big investor on board so only requires € 50,000 more.

Check out its demo video here:


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