Wikileaks Just Released A Massive ‘Insurance’ File That No One Can Open

Anti-secrecy organization Wikileaks just released a treasure trove of files, that at least for now, you can’t read.

The group, which has been assisting ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden after he leaked top-secret documents to the media, posted links for about 400 gigabytes of files on their Facebook page Saturday, and asked their fans to download and mirror them elsewhere.

Here’s the cryptic post:

wikileaks mirror files

The organization posted the same message about its “insurance” files to Twitter.

You can download the files via torrent but since they are encrypted — and Wikileaks has not yet provided the key — you won’t be able to open them.

We can garner at least one thing of note from the file names alone: They probably have a very high level of encryption. The end of the files, “aes256,” likely stands for Advanced Encryption Standard-256 bits.

It’s a way of locking up your files that even the NSA has approved for use on top secret data.

What’s in the files is anyone’s guess for now, but there’s already plenty of speculation.

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