Audi’s LTE S3 Sportback at European dealers now, 4G A3 hits US next spring

We knew Audi’s 4G-enabled rides were coming, but not exactly when. That changes now, as the company has announced that the S3 Sportback is hitting dealer lots in Europe starting today. Us Yanks will have to wait until next spring to use long term evolution speeds with the Audi Connect infotainment system, and even then it’ll be in the A3 sedan, not its sportier cousin. According to GigaOM, Europeans can access LTE from any carrier they choose, whereas domestic options remain ambiguous. The German automaker said that stateside, 4G connectivity will most likely be tied to a specific operator, similar to how smartphones are optimized for each carrier. Negotiations as to which “carrier or carriers” will supply mobile broadband are still up in the air too, with an announcement promised for a later date. We’d like to have pricing info then, too.

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Source: Audi (UK), GigaOM

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