Acer’s new LED monitors: 27- and 29-inch flavors, up to WQHD resolutions

Acer's new LED monitors 27 and 29inch flavors, up to WQHD resolutions

As much as we lust after 4K monitors, we need all that cash for, you know, boring stuff like rent and food. For now, we’ll make do with screens that are a little lighter on the wallet, and today Acer has announced three new LED offerings for Joes and pros alike. First up is the T272HUL 27-inch multitouch monitor aimed at consumers, with a WQHD panel (2,560 x 1,440 resolution), 5ms response time and various inputs including old-school VGA. Arriving in late August, the T272HUL is expected to retail at around $ 999. Another 27-inch model, the B276HUL, drops touch support but sports the same WQHD res, a 6ms response time and a DisplayPort input among several others.

Intended more for pros, the 29-inch B296CL rocks a widescreen 2,560 x 1080 resolution, 8ms response time and the same connectivity credentials as the B276HUL. Both non-touch models are on sale now for around $ 599. In case you were wondering, all three displays have 178-degree viewing angles both horizontally and vertically — because if you’re not looking almost entirely at bezel, you’re doing it wrong. PR after the break.

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