Play video games while you jog

Omni TreadmillFeeling like a slouch? No fear, because playing video games while jogging in place is here — well, almost.

The Omni treadmill is designed to let you run, walk or jump in place while you play games on Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset for 3D gaming. The Omni, sold separately to the Oculus Rift, is now available for pre-orders on the company’s web site.

The company says the orders will ship in March.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift headset

We first wrote about the four-foot tall, 110-pound, 360-degree treadmill in June, when we rated it a hit at the E3 gamer show. Made by a company called Virtuix, the Omni is also sold with special shoes and a belt harness that you strap yourself with for safety. The package will cost you $ 499. Entering the “VR50″ coupon code at checkout will get you $ 50 off, reports Engadget, which first noticed the offering.

The Rift, meanwhile, is available as a $ 300 prototype “dev kit”.

Virtuix raised $ 1.1 million for the Omni on Kickstarter last month.

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