Zink’s hAppy and hAppy+ smart app printers cater to gleeful labelers

Zink's hAppy and hAppy smart app printers cater to gleeful archivists, labelers

It’s been a hot minute since a new Zink printer made it through the wringer, but here we are staring at the latest duo. Designed to be coddled and cuddled by craft gurus and those who place an exceptionally high value on organization, the hAppy and hAppy+ smart app printers utilize the outfit’s full-color, ink-free zRolls for printing. Each one is WiFi-enabled and engineered to travel well, with the $ 199 base model supporting print transfers from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices.

On the stock hAppy, you simply download a corresponding app, design what you need printed, and send it over the air. The $ 299 hAppy+, however, ships with Android in the device, allowing you to fiddle around with its touchscreen and create print designs without any other hardware involved. Of course, we’re guessing that you’ll be quite limited on what masterpieces you’ll be able to muster on such a small canvas, but hey — who are we to judge your creative prowess?

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