YOLO: Students Go Nuts Over Drake-Inspired Commencement Speech



Schenectady High School students got a lesson on their generation’s lingo when filmmaker Jason Pollock recently gave the commencement speech to the graduating class. Pollock schooled the seniors on his favorite rapper Drake‘s three popular catchphrases: “YOLO (you only live once),” “No new friends” and “Started from the bottom, now we here.”

From the 5:30 mark to the 11:30 mark in the video, below, 31-year-old Pollock peppers his speech with Drake vernacular, framing the infectious lyrics in a positive manner

“For the kids who may understand what he’s saying to you, I’m going to try and clarify it a little bit,” he said, saying that kids often use the three phrases “as an excuse to do bad stuff.” Read more…

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