‘Intern’ Magazine Expands Dialogue on Unpaid Work Experience



Few topics affecting those new to the work force have been more unproductively addressed than unpaid internships. That is, until recently, when Eric Glatt and Alex Footman, two production interns from the set of Black Swan won a lawsuit against Fox Searchlight in which they defended their right to receive pay for their work. The Black Swan case was not only a victory for Glatt and Footman but for all people interning in creative industries who aren’t receiving compensation for their work

Not all of the discourse around unpaid internships needs to be so black and white, though. There are businesses so young that they simply can’t afford to pay their interns monetarily. In these cases, it’s possible for companies to give back without offering their young workers cash compensation but providing them with the space to create work that they can use when they graduate from their internships (e.g., giving writers really opportunities for clips at a media site, or offering teams of designers the chance to test out working in a collective). Read more…

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