Mozilla unveils ‘aggressive’ Firefox OS schedule: Quarterly feature releases, security updates every six weeks

149727977 520x245 Mozilla unveils aggressive Firefox OS schedule: Quarterly feature releases, security updates every six weeks

With Firefox OS version 1.0 out the door, Mozilla has decided that it’s time to reveal its strategy for upcoming releases. The company is planning feature releases available to partners every quarter and security updates for the previous two feature releases every six weeks.

“As far as I know, that’s the most aggressive mobile OS release strategy out there,” Alex Keybl, Mozilla’s Manager of Release Management, said in a statement. “This sort of alignment across multiple browser products, and now an OS, is unprecedented at the pace we’re moving.”

Nevertheless, nothing is set in stone. Keybl admits his plan “may still require some tweaking.”

Nevertheless, it’s clear that Mozilla wants to bring the rapid release process it uses for Firefox to Firefox OS. So far, the company has managed to push out new versions of both Firefox for desktop and Firefox for Android every 1.5 months with few hiccups.

While that frequency is unreasonable for an operating system, at least for now, the company believes security updates should be able to come that frequently. It’s definitely feasible: after all, Microsoft has a monthly release cycle for Windows security updates.

Yet the three-month feature release cycle is the real game-changer. While mobile operating systems are certainly refreshed more frequently than their desktop counterparts (although one could argue Microsoft is trying to adapt with Windows 8.1), the rate is no faster than about a year. Cutting that number into four will be no easy feat.

Despite this promise, Mozilla was smart not to give a specific date, so it’s not clear when exactly we can expect Firefox OS 1.1 or 2.0. If we’re using July 9th, the day the first Firefox OS devices hit stores, as the base, then we can expect a security update in August, another one in September, and the first version bump in October.

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