Atlanta Braves Scrap The Always-Awkward ‘Kiss Cam’ For The Irresistibly Adorable ‘Simba Cam’

This might make you feel old: Disney’s The Lion King was released 20 years ago this year. But one Major League Baseball team is bringing the movie back in style in an incredibly adorable way.
The “kiss cam” is a prevalent part of any sporting event these days – from college hockey to the NBA – and anyone can tell you they’ve seen their share of awkward kiss cam moments.
So the Atlanta Braves are taking on a much less controversial, and much more adorable subject: babies. Specifically, the “Simba-ing” of babies, as the Today Show reports. Anyone cognizant in 1994 knows what I’m talking about…
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We present to you… the “Simba cam,” complete with The Lion King soundtrack.

Simba cam fever is seriously catching on.

And people are proving you don’t even need a baby to participate.

Even puppies are getting involved:

And the Braves’ mascot, Homer, isn’t going to feel left out just because there is no Homer, Jr.

Long live the Simba cam!
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Julia Gillard Asked About Her Partner’s Job, Marriage And Fashion Criticism In Cringe-Worthy Interview

“Why didn’t you marry? Why haven’t you married?”

Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been asked a series of cringe-worthy personal questions, including on her decision to not marry her partner, in what was billed an “exclusive” prime-time interview with veteran journalist Ray Martin.

The award-winning journalist asked Ms Gillard the volley of personal questions in the first half of the interview.

Martin questioned whether Labor Party “strategists” had asked her to get married “to help things along” and when she replied “no”, he followed it up with “Why didn’t you marry, why haven’t you married?”

“It’s just the right decision for us and the right decision for me. I am an atheist, I’m not a person of faith, and so I don’t think about marriage in that religious sense,” Ms Gillard replied.

Earlier, Martin asked questions about Ms Gillard’s partner Tim Mathieson’s profession as a hairdresser, and whether her life would have been easier if he was a “lawyer or banker”.

Ms Gillard replied, “Would we think it was quite so odd if a male Prime Minister or a male chief executive officer of a big bank or whatever had a wife who worked as a hairdresser?”

“Would we think that was really, really odd? ‘Why on earth did he marry her? She’s a hairdresser!'”

“I just don’t think it would occur to us. I think it was the gender thing a bit.”

During Ms Gillard’s political career some media outlets used Mathieson’s occupation as a hairdresser and the couple’s decision not to marry to call into question their relationship.

Martin also asked whether Ms Gillard was bothered by “the sisterhood” criticising her fashion choices, such as when Germaine Greer joked about her body shape and choice of jackets.

Rand Paul’s College Editorial On Welfare, Makers, And Takers

“The immoral act of stealing thus, has become moral in the eyes of society.”

The Lariat

As a student at Baylor University Rand Paul once argued “underlying the whole welfare concept is the principle of theft.”

Paul wrote numerous letters to his college newspaper The Lariat during his college career.

BuzzFeed News previously reported on Paul’s writings in which weighed in on topics like gun control, the Equal Rights Amendment, and affirmative action with a libertarian point of view. This letter to the editor BuzzFeed News missed was titled “Stealing to help the needy.”

“Money in the form of taxes is confiscated from the producers in society and redistributed to whose who can’t or won’t produce,” Paul wrote. “The immoral act of stealing thus, has become moral in the eyes of society.”

Paul concluded by saying that the number of those on food stamps actually needing food is inflated and if individuals were not burdened by taxes, “the truly needy would surely be supported.”

Here’s the letter to the editor:

The Lariat

10 Gross Things You’re Doing Right Now. Yes, You And YES, Now.

What can’t our bodies do? They convert food into energy. They move us around. They give us lots of enjoyment (as well as a little frustration, probably). We live with our bodies every day, and do our best to make them look presentable.
But there’s only so much one can do to disguise the fact that the body is, in fact, pretty amazingly gross. Don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with you. These things are normal and natural, even if they weird you out.
Get to know yourself better:

1.) Eyelash mites

Ed Reschke/Getty Images

They feel pretty when you put on…

9 Truly Appalling “Friends” Lookalikes You Can Actually Hire

Could they be any more like the characters on the show? Well, yes, they probably could.


According to his profile page on A List Lookalikes, Portsmouth-based Stephen Wenham is “always being stopped by passers by telling him how much he looks like Ross from Friends”. He has worked as “a mix and mingle artist at pre-dinner drinks events throughout the UK.”



“How you doin’?” Meet Jack Mountain, “who would give any event or function some star quality” by impersonating Joey Tribbiani, according to Fake Faces.



Meet Clive Faughtley. According to A List Lookalikes, Clive “is always being told that he looks just like Matthew Perry and gets people shouting ‘Chandler’, in the street. He has similar type of clothes to Matthew Perry and can be booked alongside other Friends lookalikes.”



“Southern-based lookalike Janet is a great lookalike of Jennifer Aniston, all her facial angles are just like the real Jennifer Aniston and she has a great figure too.”


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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Free Speech

By Chris Bucholz Published: September 23rd, 2014
The right to free speech is one of the most important rights we have. It’s a key element of a functioning democracy, ensures minority groups can make their voices heard, and serves as the foundation for all the best (and worst) jokes. Stockbyte/Retro