It Never Occurred To Me That You Could Explain Economic Inequality With Air Travel. This Guy Did It.

Cartoonist Keith (“Keef”) Knight has brought attention to many things that tend to go unnoticed by traditional comic artists. He’s a gem, as you can see by this wonderful illustration of economic inequality. I’m all in favor of pulling back that curtain. You?Keith Knight is touring his cartoon slideshow on Police Brutality in the U.S. in Germany in 2014. Support his work at And here are his Facebook fan page and Twitter stream, if you desire. This comic, used with permission, found originally on The Nib. Thumbnail image via Thinkstock.

Kim Jong Un Would Really Hate For You To Watch This, Which Is Exactly Why You Should

At age 21, Yeonmi Park is a brand new activist. She’s also a North Korean, and she’s a survivor. Listening to her speak about the horrible things she’s lived through is pretty heartbreaking.
(Click “Show Transcript” below to read her remarks in full.) At 9 years old, she saw her friend’s mother punished for a crime that in most countries is just a normal, everyday activity.

This is just one reason North Koreans live in fear for their lives.

Yeonmi’s own mother was forced to make a horrible compromise to protect her daughter.
*Trigger warning: Discussion of rape.*

And often, escaping into China isn’t even the safe haven it should be.
As Yeonmi points out, there are about 300,000 North Korean refugees in China who are vulnerable. 70% of North Korean women and teenage girls who have escaped into China are being victimized and trafficked, sometimes sold for as little as $200.(FACT CHECK: These numbers seem to correlate roughly with this report by Human Rights Watch) So what can people do to help put an end to this 7-decade-long human rights violation? Here are Yeonmi’s requests: “Educate yourself so that you can raise awareness about [the] human crisis in North Korea.” “Help and support North Korean refugees who are trying to escape to freedom. “Petition on China’s repatriation [of North Korean citizens]. … We need governments all around the world to put pressure on China to stop repatriation.”
Just by watching this video, you’re already doing #1.
Yeonmi Park’s speech was given at the One Young World conference in Dublin and uploaded to the conference’s YouTube channel. Here’s an article with more info about her story and her activism, and you can follow her on Twitter to show your support. To hear the full story of her escape from North Korea, watch the first 8 minutes of the full version of her introduction at One Young World. I found this video through the lovely Georgina-Kate Adams, who I met at One Young World. Thumbnail image used under a Creative Commons license.

Who She Thinks Really Took The Missing Nigerian School Girls

Over 300 families have waited over 200 days to see their daughters. One day they were at school, the next they’d all disappeared. So what’s really going on? How do hundreds of school girls in Nigeria just vanish?
If that sounds as scary and odd to you as it does me, here’s a quick breakdown:What Happened?

How can we help?

You can even host a rally in your town.

Why should we care?
She puts it all into context with a stirring three-minute message.

Plain and simple: When hundreds of young girls are unwillingly taken from school, their lives, safety, and whereabouts should matter.The powerful words shared in “Bring Back Our Girls” were written and performed by spoken-word artist Theresa Lola and posted by Word on the
Curb. To get up to speed with the latest news on the 230 school girls who were allegedly abducted by Boko Haram, visit the official Bring Back
Our Girls website. You can also get updates by following them on Facebook and Twitter. Infographic reposted with permission from Bring Back Our Girls. Fact Check Note: While it’s widely cited that Boko Haram translates to “Western education is a sin,” according to this article, that’s not necessarily true.

Facebook Still Has High Hopes For Its Apps That Flopped

New mobile apps launched by Facebook’s Creative Labs have mostly been busts. Facebook Product Manager Josh Miller says it’s a learning process.

A ranking history of Rooms, a standalone application created by Facebook.


By app ranking standards, most of the new mobile apps coming out of Facebook’s “Creative Labs” initiative haven’t been particularly successful.

Consider Paper, a news reader, or Slingshot, for sharing photos. Each plays on hugely popular aspects of the core Facebook product. Both have fallen fast in the leaderboards since being launched, and neither have become a smash hit, despite being backed up by the vast reach and promotional power of the world’s largest social network.

The problem is partly one of execution, says Facebook product manager Josh Miller, whose company was acquired by Facebook earlier this year. Thus far, one of the company’s standalone applications called Rooms — which is similar to Facebook Groups, but without a specific Facebook identity tied to them — fits with that trend, he says: A solid hypothesis for a product, but yet to take off.

“The thing we’re really spot on with and have something going for us, we know this is a use case that people care about,” he told BuzzFeed News. “There are definitely things we think we got wrong. Every product changes.”

In order to improve on that execution, Facebook is releasing a few updates to the application Monday to make it a bit more user-friendly. The company is adding a dashboard to track user activity in the app, as well as the option for push notifications with different kinds of sounds. The goal, Miller said, is to help people find it useful beyond other Facebook applications like Groups.

“I’ve read every single one of the reviews,” he said, when asked about reviews from users who didn’t understand what the point of the app was. “The specific review [that] was ‘what is the purpose of this?’ — that’s what we’re really onto, and I’m surprised more people aren’t building in this space. I do think execution wise we have a lot to work on.”


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42 Reasons Dogs Will Always Be Better Than Cats

This is why everyone should be a dog person.

Because this is how dogs sometimes go down the steps.

And this is how they sometimes hop up them. / Via

Because playing catch with dogs is always fun.


And you never know what they’re going to do.


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