For Most Of Us, Showing Our ID Card Is No Biggie. For Her, It Once Was The Worst Thing Ever.

You know how most of us have an ID card or a passport that shows our gender — F or M? And how most of us are happy with it? Well, you’re about to watch some people whose life has been difficult all thanks to that one little letter.Maybe you recognize some of the faces here. Maybe you don’t. Whichever one it is, listen to what they have to say. And I dare you to tell me they don’t deserve to have that one little change on their passports or ID cards.Huge props to Gender Proud for creating this video. Please show them some love on Facebook and Twitter. Visit their website if you’ve got a few minutes to spare.

They Went To Rescue A Hurt Little Dog Hiding In A Bush. What They Found Was A Big Surprise.

There are so many stories that start out this way, but most don’t have such happy endings. If you ever decide to adopt a dog, check out your local shelter. Buying dogs from pet stores only increases the demand for the cruel puppy mills that often supply them. If you already have a dog, don’t forget to get it spayed or neutered. It’s the best way you can help prevent dog overpopulation.Thanks to Hope for Paws for sharing this video and bringing attention to the issue of dog homelessness and overpopulation. For more info and stories, follow them on Facebook. They have an adoption link on their site, or you can check out your local shelter online. Here’s a way to find out which kind of dog matches your personality best.

Grown-Ups Are Doing A Terrible Job At Gender Equality. Can Some Tweenage Wizards Do Better?

What happens when you take a game that’s just boys and add some girls? Are they totally uninterested (because they’d rather be princesses)? Do they “pass out because of the gore” (as one young man predicted)? If you watch until around 4:15, the kids themselves will tell you how it went.Way to break the glass basement, ladies.
I found this
mini-documentary by Merideth Ashley on BoingBoing.

7 Quick Dinners To Make This Week

You know FALL is actually a very delicious time to eat things.

Pan-Seared Sausage With Lady Apples And Watercress

Get the recipe.

Corn And Sauteed Leek Pizza Boats

Get the recipe.

5-Ingredient Easy White Chicken Chili

Get the recipe.

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Two People In Love Decided To Start Their Marriage Off On A High Note.

They say that couples who play together, stay together. But what about those who do death-defying acts together? Does that make them super-couples? This awesomely adventurous Canadian couple put that extreme theory to the test.

Bride Jamie Alperin, 29, and groom David Lamb, 33, have a unique interest. They’re both extreme climbers.

When it came time for their wedding ceremony, this bride-to-be didn’t want anything to do with it.

Until a video inspired her to climb to her wedding ceremony.

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